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Kero-chan and Yue's Book of Shadows, spanish CCS fansite Crossed Destinies, complete spanish Tsubasa fansite Wing Journey, a great Tsubasa fansite Wings, a big collection of Tsubasa Chronicle screenshots
Loop, an informative and detailed Tsubasa-centric news blog A complete and detailed TRC-centric Wiki


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A HERO'S TALE; Frog/Kaeru (Chrono Trigger) BRINK OF TIME; Chrono Trigger CHRONIC; Serge (Chrono Cross) CROSSED BY FATE; Kidd & Serge (Chrono Cross) DREAMING CHILD; Kidd (Chrono Cross) FOREVER ZERO; Lynx (Chrono Cross) Magus (Chrono Trigger) NUSUMENAI HOUSEKI; Chrono Cross PRINCESS OF THE PAST; Schala Zeal (Chrono Trigger) SHOUNEN GENIUS; Toriyama Akira SILENT WARRIOR; Crono (Chrono Trigger) TIMELESS; Music of Chrono Trigger WARRIOR MAGE; Flea (Chrono Trigger) ZE ENIGME; Harle (Chrono Cross)