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    The subject of this fanlisting is pretty self-explanatory, so I guess I'll have to write a few useless facts here instead of my typical "what is [insert subject]?" :P

Since I was a little child and I discovered what anime and manga were, I wanted to know more about the culture behind what others said was "violent, sex-filled and useless crap". And after 10 years, I've learned some social customs as well as enhanced my japanese skills a little bit; I've also been taught about their myths, literature and art; I ate their food (and I'm truly in love with it!). Even though, sometimes I realize I'm just a gaijin (foreigner) that's insanely idolizing a country and maybe, making a wrong idea about it in her mind... but I'm always trying to learn about Japan as objectively as possible.

As you can see, yes, I'm really obsessed fascinated with Japan and everything around it, and though I'm still young and I don't have enough money nor freedom to visit it, I know for sure that I will, someday (and it won't be alone, ne, anata? ;P).